Hi Everyone! Thanks for checking out the web site! These are very exciting times!

I’m now playing my Acoustic Show at Potpourri House. Check the Events Calendar for for dates and times. Each month I’ll have guest such as John and Kim from Clearly Vocal, Mike Harper or Rick StMars and others! Dakota’s also allows me to perform the Acoustic Show at their new location at 4803 Old Bullard Rd. in Tyler.

The Tuxedo Cats are just roaring along! We have had the opportunity to work with Ragan’s Hope/Night of Superstars, (see links page please) That allows us to work with Linda Davis again, and now Gary Morris! And of course all the heroic kids that have stolen our hearts and changed our lives since joining with this wonderful program.

Again, Thanks to Mundt Music, The Back Porch, Breakers, Cork, Dakota’s, Eagles Bluff, Country Club, FRESH, Hide A Way Lake, Republic Ice House, Lago del Pino, Lindale Library, Potpourri House, Shoguns, TheraPet, Willowbrook Country Club, Wrights BBQ and everyone who come out and supports us!

My sincere Thanks


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