Reflecting on the past

Hi everyone! Thank you for checking out the website. I hope that this site can be of service for anyone who enjoys listening to or learning to play live music.

Teaching guitar at Mundt Music Tyler is such a blessing for me, and I hope that if you ever want to learn the instrument that you will see me at some point in your studies. Everyone see’s the guitar and music from different perspectives. Some want to know all there is to know, and some want to know a song. I love to help with as much of those desires as possible.

The Tuxedo Cats is a band that I helped form a little over ten years ago, and today this band is doing very well. We’ve proudly received “Locals Love Us” awards for the past four years, and we hope locals continue to love us for years to come, because awards or not, we love you too!

While making some room on iCloud (hoping to put off subscribing for more storage for a little while) I was deleting some senseless pics and screen shots that I had used in business messages and so on, and I ran across some videos. Videos of me sitting at my desk learning some George Harrison thing, or maybe Kansas, and I had sent them to the band and said “lets try this!” Instead of deleting those I kept them and put one on social media. Many friends seemed to enjoy the video! I hope to put more stuff like that out there and to encourage, entertain and be of service in any way possible.

Look for Todd Rinlee, “Todd Rinlee Entertainer” and The Tuxedo Cat’s Facebook pages. Also watch for The Tuxedo Cats 5, and Todd Rinlee on Instagram.

Thank You!