Todd’s love of music began at a very early age, watching his brother Paul play guitar. Todd just assumed that talent was in is blood. His mother Starlie was there to help and encourage. She assured him that he would play just like his brother if he would be willing to struggle through the beginning. She reminded him that most pursuits are difficult at the start, yet worth the work to achieve your goals.

Musically speaking, there are an incredible amount of gifted and even nationally renowned musicians that call Lindale, Texas, their home, but none are more loved and respected than Hubert (Butch) Almany. Todd began playing saxophone under the direction of Mr. Almany in sixth grade and continues to play today. Mr. Almany taught Todd music theory and some much needed discipline, but most importantly he impressed upon Todd the benefit and irreplaceable value of DAILY PRACTICE. During high school, Todd continued his formal education in music as a saxophonist, and played drums in several rock bands. Todd began earning income as a guitarist during his college years.

Since then, Todd has played guitar in a variety of bands. A steady progression of changes in styles of music has produced a seasoned artist. He still plays the saxophone and other instruments, but has mostly focused on guitar.

Todd’s sound is recognized on stages throughout East Texas, as well as the Austin area, Louisiana, and Nashville.

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