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Fun New Project

The Tuxedo Cats Music Group have a good time whenever we’re together, and we’re together when we work! We love to work and we hope it shows. Most of the guys have experience in the production field and so we asked ourselves, why not have some fun with this as well as create another avenue to serve our community and broaden our friend base! As our ad explains, if you need a song, commercial or promotional spot recorded, written or produced, we would love to help you with that! See our ad on this page!

Contact us at 903-752-2112, or at

As always we thank you for supporting The Tuxedo Cats. See or performance dates on the “Events” page here at

Remember that Todd teaches at Mundt Music in Tyler and would love to help you in your musical endeavors!  If you want to learn to read music, dive into theory, explore some soloing ideas or just learn to strum your favorite songs, contact us today or call Mundt Music of Tyler at 903-561-8828!

Thank You!