Happy New Year!

Here’s hoping that 2015 will be as exciting as 2014, and then some! Highlights from 2014 were playing at AT&T Stadium (aka “Cowboy Stadium”) owners suit during the Cowboys/Texans game with Taylor Heard and The Tuxedo Cats. We also enjoyed several “Maximum Capacity” shows in many East Texas venues! I want to say Thank you to Fresh, Cork, Wrights BBQ, Lago del Pino The Back Porch, Juls, Breakers Seafood, Shoguns, Bo’s Steakhouse, all the individuals who hire me or The Tuxedo Cats and most especially everyone who comes out to support us. Thank You!
I began Teaching at UT Tyler’s Innovation Academy. That along with teaching at Mundt Music Tyler and the shows we play, have kept me very busy. I’m am appreciative and feel very blessed. Thank you! I look forward to a rewarding new year with you all! Please join me whenever you can..

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